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    Intellij IDEA: Configuring the code style

    IntelliJ’s default style is mostly compliant with ours but it uses a different import order from ours but some tweaks may be needed.

    Legend: basic tweak | intermediate tweak | advanced tweak

    Tweak: switch-case style

    1. Go to FileSettings…​ (Windows/Linux), or IntelliJ IDEAPreferences…​ (macOS).
    2. Click on EditorCode styleJava (see the screenshot below).
    3. Click on the Wrapping and Braces tab and un-tick the Indent 'case' branches option (as shown in the screenshot above).

    Tweak: import order

    1. Go to FileSettings…​ (Windows/Linux), or IntelliJ IDEAPreferences…​ (macOS).
    2. Select EditorCode StyleJava.
    3. Click on the Imports tab to set the import order.
      • For Class count to use import with '*' and Names count to use static import with '*': Set to 999 to prevent IntelliJ from contracting the import statements.
      • For Import Layout: The order is:

    Tweak: Auto-remove trailing spaces

    You can configure Intellij to automatically strip trailing white space in code lines, as follows:

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. On the left side of the dialog, click on Editor -> General.
    3. On the right side, scroll to the On Save section.
    4. Change Remove trailing spaces on: to Modified lines.