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Intellij IDEA: Importing a Gradle project

If there is a build.gradle file in the project root, Intellij treats it as a Gradle project by default.

  1. IntelliJ IDEA has the Gradle plugin installed by default. If you have disabled it, go to FileSettingsPlugins to re-enable them.
    If your project involves GUI programming, similarly ensure the JavaFX plugin has not been disabled.
  2. Open Intellij (if you are not in the welcome screen, click File > Close Project to close the existing project first)
  3. Open the project into Intellij as follows:
    1. Click Open.
    2. Select the project directory, and click OK.
    3. If there are any further prompts, accept the defaults.
  4. Click OK to accept the default settings but do ensure that the selected version of Gradle JVM matches the JDK being used for the project.
  5. Wait for the importing process to finish (could take a few minutes).