This product is not meant for end-users and therefore there is no user-friendly installer. Please refer to the Setting up section to learn how to set up the project.

Starting the program

Using IntelliJ

  1. Find the project in the Project Explorer (usually located at the left side)

    1. If the Project Explorer is not visible, press ALT+1 for Windows/Linux, CMD+1 for macOS to open the Project Explorer tab

  2. Go to the src folder and locate the AddressBook file

  3. Right click the file and select Run AddressBook.main()

  4. The program now should run on the Console (usually located at the bottom side)

  5. Now you can interact with the program through the Console

Using Command Line

  1. 'Build' the project using IntelliJ (BuildBuild Project)

  2. Open the Terminal/Command Prompt. Note: You can open a terminal inside Intellij too (ViewTool WindowsTerminal)

  3. cd into the project’s out\production\addressbook-level1 directory. Note: That is the where Intellij puts its compiled class files

  4. Type java seedu.addressbook.AddressBook, then Enter to execute

  5. Now you can interact with the program through the CLI

List of commands

Viewing help: help

Format: help

Help is also shown if you enter an incorrect command e.g. abcd

Adding a person: add

Adds a person to the address book.

Words in UPPER_CASE are the parameters.
Phone number and email can be in any order but the name must come first.


  • add John Doe p/98765432 e/

  • add Betsy Crowe e/ p/1234567

Listing all persons: list

Shows a list of persons, as an indexed list, in the order they were added to the address book, oldest first.
Format: list

Finding a person by keyword find

Finds persons that match given keywords.

The search is case sensitive, the order of the keywords does not matter, only the name is searched, and persons matching at least one keyword will be returned (i.e. OR search).


  • find John
    Returns John Doe but not john

  • find Betsy Tim John
    Returns any person having names Betsy, Tim, or John

Deleting a person: delete

Deletes the specified version from the address book.
Format: delete INDEX

The index refers to the index numbers shown in the most recent listing.


  • list
    delete 2
    Deletes the 2nd person in the address book.

  • find Betsy
    delete 1
    Deletes the 1st person in the results of the find command.

Clearing all entries: clear

Clears all entries from the address book.
Format: clear

Saving the data

Address book data are saved in the hard disk automatically after any command that changes the data.

There is no need to save manually.

Changing the save location

Address book data are saved in a file called addressbook.txt in the project root folder. You can change the location by specifying the file path as a program argument.


  • java seedu.addressbook.AddressBook mydata.txt

  • java seedu.addressbook.AddressBook myFolder/mydata.txt

The file path must contain a valid file name and a valid parent directory.
File name is valid if it has an extension and no reserved characters (OS-dependent).
Parent directory is valid if it exists.
Note for non-Windows users: if the file already exists, it must be a 'regular' file.

When running the program inside IntelliJ, there is a way to set command line parameters before running the program.