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  • Learning resources
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  • SE-EDU is a collection of Free and Open SourceFOSS resources for Software Engineering (SE) educators and students.

    Resources we offer

    • Project templates for students to use in school projects, both greenfield and brownfield.
    • Learning resources for SE students e.g., online textbooks, tutorials, coding standards, etc.
    • Tools to help educators, SE educators in particular.

    Our team

    Our project team and the list of contributors are here.

    Contributing to SE-EDU

    We welcome code/content contributions and suggestions from students, instructors, and developers.

    • Bug reports, Suggestions : If you noticed bugs or have suggestions on how to improve, Post in our main issue tracker or in the issue tracker of the respective repo.
    • Contributing code: PRs welcome. Refer to the documentation of each project to find more details.


    • GitHub: for the education license, and the other goodies sent to students every semester.
    • JetBrains: for the education licenses for their Intellij IDE suite.
    • Netlify, for providing deploy previews for some of SE-EDU projects.

    Contact us

    To get in touch with us, post an issue here or email us at seer [at]