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Project templates

These are project templates that students can use as the starting point of an SE project or as case studies.

AddressBook Level 3 (AB3)


  • This is a project template for a brownfield Java project.
  • It simulates an ongoing software project for a desktop application (called AddressBook) used for managing contact details.
    • It is written in OOP fashion. It provides a reasonably well-written code base bigger (around 6 KLoC) than what students usually write in beginner-level SE modules, without being overwhelmingly big.
    • It comes with a reasonable level of user and developer documentation.
  • It is named AddressBook Level 3 (AB3 for short) because it was initially created as a part of a series of AddressBook projects (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4).
  • The project template is available at
  • Some example projects that used AB3 as the starting point are given below. More can be found here


  • This is a project template for a greenfield Java project.
  • It is almost empty by default but additional configurations (e.g., Gradle, CI, JUnit, Jekyll, etc.) are available in separate branches.
  • It's named after the Java mascot Duke. Given below are instructions on how to use it.
  • The project template is available at

Other OSS projects

For those interested in contributing to a real project (rather than build on a project template), check out the OSS projects listed in the Tools page. As those tools are meant for SE (hence, relatable) and were built by SE students (hence, not too big/complex), contributing to them is a very good way for SE students to hone their SE skills.